Don’t swim  or attend a venue to bring a swimmer if you have a temperature or other possible symptoms.

Bring hand sanitiser and please use it before entering the pool area. 

Temperature checks will be carried out before you enter the pool area.  We will also be checking the temperature of our instructors as they arrive.  Whilst we will endeavour to give you the same instructor each week, this may not be possible due to the changes surrounding Covid.

Come swim ready to allow space for social distancing.

Bring all own equipment (googles, swim hat, float, armbands etc) as we are unable to provide kit at this time.

Children to bring armbands unless they have achieved their 25m distance badge. This is to maintain swimmer safety as instructors for Caspian swimmers and above need to remain poolside.  

Keep a safe distance under current guidance all waiting parents/carers must social distance and cannot be poolside. It is recommended they stay with their cars, only stepping forward to be with their child at the start and end of lessons. Please don’t bring any other family members unless absolutely necessary.

Please follow all signage at the pool and any instructions the staff might give you.

Changing rooms are now available at all pools for swimmers to change after their lesson.  Please continue to come swim ready before your lesson.  Please adhere to social distancing and we would ask that you change quickly to allow other swimmers to use the changing rooms as well.

 Parents at poolside… especially with shy children, young children, children with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Or babies… and their mums..
We understand if you are used to sitting poolside the changes we have had to put in place due to Covid-19 are going to be difficult for some especially if your child is anxious / shy or has a disability.
If your child is under 3 you will be in the water with them (1 parent only) and will be able to use the changing facilities.
If your child is aged 3 – 5 and moving into our Coral preschool stage our instructors will be in the water with them helping them to physically learn.
If your child is aged 5+ and is confident enough to be in a group lesson then they will soon get used to you leaving poolside. We will be teaching them from poolside and if they are not swimming 25m confidently then the use of armbands will be needed for safety and to ensure they are strong and confident with their strokes before armbands are slowly removed. Please rest assured that we have only the best level 2 experienced instructors teaching these groups and they are very capable of achieving good results using our methods from poolside.

 There will be someone at every venue for you to talk to.

Masks to be worn in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible or you are coming into contact with people you would not normally meet. If you come into the pool building for any reason, please wear a mask unless you are exempt.  Children do not need masks.

 Parents having to wait in their cars during lessons unless you are swimming at Charlton Park Academy We understand that waiting in your car or outside is not ideal but due to the new covid-19 procedures this is the only safe way to maintain running our lessons. Please do bear with us while we all get used to the new normal.  We have to limit the number of people poolside to maintain social distancing.

 They will not be able to socially distance at the entries during switch between lessons
Please use the same social distance rules as you would if entering and exiting a supermarket for example. Please be patient with others and allow time for having to wait for changing room availability or room to move around inside the pool area. Thank you for your support.

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  • 1. Can my child have a trial lesson before paying for the whole term?

    We would like to encourage you to book a full term of lessons at the venue and day/time of your choice. If you are not sure if this session will suit you, we would be able to offer you the first lesson as a trial *subject to availability. This would be a paid trial, the cost to be advised by the office you are making your booking with.

  • 2. Can we join your lessons half way through a term?

    You are welcome to join us in the middle of a term. You will be charged only for the remaining amount of lessons. Due to the repetition of our weekly lesson plans it means that you will not miss out on anything!

Franchise Opportunities

Angela’s Swim School began in 2002 by Angela Wilson. Angela is an ex-international and Commonwealth swimmer who, at just 15 years old, was British champion for both 400 and 800 metres freestyle.
Angela began teaching swimming lessons in between training for competitions, driven by her passion to give back to the community and to a sport that had given so much to her. She is passionate about teaching her students to swim in a confident and enjoyable manner, and is dedicated to ensuring they don’t just learn to swim, but to learn to swim with style!

How to Book

We tailor our swimming lessons to the needs of all our students. If you’d like to book or want to know about our prices and available lessons, contact your nearest Angela’s Swim School.

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