Parent & Baby

4 months - 2 years

Give them a head start in life.

For children to become confident in the water, then it is important they learn to swim as early as possible. For babies, swimming is good exercise and helps develop muscles that they may be too young to work with outside the pool, not to mention what a wonderful bonding experience parent and baby swimming is. At Angela’s Swim School, our parent and child sessions are structured to ensure your baby gets the best start in the water by learning basic strokes and building their confidence. By incorporating music and play, your child will discover just how much fun learning to swim can be.
The benefits of parent and child swimming are:
• Children love swimming, and it’s a great way to keep fit. Getting them confident in the water early helps encourage an enthusiasm for the water.
• Parent and child swimming is wonderful bonding time, giving both parent and child quality time together.
• Swimming is fantastic exercise for both parent and child, and swimming together helps foster a love for swimming that will stay with the child for years to come.

Parent & Child

2 - 3 years

As your baby grows into a toddler, we help them grow even further in their swimming confidence. Utilising swimming aids such as arm bands and goggles, your child will get the best start to swimming on their own. They will learn basic front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke with armbands, setting them up for a fantastic start to swimming in a fun and enjoyable environment for both parent and child. This really sets them up for a healthy future coupled with a love and enthusiasm for swimming.

How to Book

We tailor our lessons to the needs of our students. If you’re interested in booking swimming lessons or want to know about our prices, simply contact your nearest Angela’s Swim School.


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